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"Excellent individualized care. Barn is beautiful and kept immaculately clean. Horses have large private turnouts with grass. My horses are both very happy and enjoy all of the attention. Atmosphere is very friendly, laid back and everyone is accommodating. Thanks Judy"!

Kimberlee Grier


“Spectacular facility and staff. Care for our horses is second to none. And Judy's dressage expertise elevated both our eventing horse's fitness, and our eventing daughter's scores, very significantly.

Our daughter refers to Judy as 'her secret weapon'".


Scott Danielson

Shantal PT Trot.jpg

“Prestige and I LOVE Station Hill Farm.  The superb quality of care & expert training in the safe, serene setting is perfect for achieving my personal goals.  Judy’s patient yet precise knowledge-sharing instruction has noticeably elevated my riding and my horse’s conditioning.  I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to excel at this lovely, supportive, well run farm.  Thank you, Judy McCoy!!!”

Diane Doub

IMG_2022 (1)_HDR.jpeg

“Excellent environment, care and training. Great place for serious competitors looking to improve their scores, or amateurs who want top of the line care and facilities for their equine partners.

Love this place!”

Brianna Marie Carter


"I call Station Hill Farm a “boutique barn.” It’s small, personal, and the care—personally administered by Grand Prix rider and consummate horsewoman Judy McCoy— is tailored to each treasured horse in a detailed way. My two FEI horses—Shantal Rox and Vavite Fortuna— are maintained as top show horses should be, and are also given the love they so deserve. As if the facility and care weren’t enough, I also have come to appreciate Judy’s excellent instruction, training, and riding. I’m so happy that my horses and I are part of the Station Hill family."

Adrienne Wisenberg 

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